About Wandering Boar Farm

Wandering Boar Farm is a family farm located in Middlesex, Vermont.

At Wandering Boar Farm, we pasture raise pigs and sheep.  Our animals live, eat and sleep outdoors.

We offer lamb in full shares and pork in full or 1/2 shares. The lamb is $12 lb. and the pork is $9 lb. based on the hanging weight of the animal. Included in a share price is: (1) transportation of your animal to-and-from the processor; and (2) your meat is cut, smoked (as needed) and vacuum packed. We provide approximately 7-10 days notice prior to delivery date.

To purchase a share, or 1/2 share of one of our animals, please call (802.234.1964) for specific information regarding deposits, pick-up dates and the approximate expected weight of your animal.

We often have select cuts for sale as well. Prices and availability for select cuts (e.g. lamb burger, leg of lamb, lamb chops) will vary. Please call or email if you are interested.

We do not use antibiotics, growth hormones and our fields are free of chemical fertilizers or pesticides (and have been for generations).

Livestock guardian dog,”Rollie,” a  Maremma, keeps a watchful eye on Ewes & lambs.

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Pasture Raised Pigs & Sheep

For availability of pasture raised pork or lamb, call 238.9350.
Full and half shares available.

Our animals are well cared for and fun to watch.

If there is one thing you need to know about our pigs, it’s this: they are hearty, hairy, happy, healthy rooters & grazers. They have never seen a barn. They were born outside and live outside everyday of their hand-raised & cruelty-free lives.

Our sheep are also pasture raised and live outdoors where they, like the pigs, enjoy rotational grazing.  During each month of the year that there is grass on the fields, the animals constantly rotate through new pasture.  For additional protein, the animals receive supplemental feed and grain that is unmedicated and hormone-free. During the snow covered months, the breeding sows and our boar sleep in a protected shelter in the nearby woods. Any of the ewes that over-winter have a separate shelter that they share with their protective livestock guardian dogs.

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New Piglets, All Healthy

Two nights in a row we had a litter of pigs.

The first litter came last Thursday night through Friday morning.  Our sow Cheek (as in “nice hams”) had her first litter. Nine live births. All nine are hearty, squeaky and well-attached to mom.

Cheek and her New 9

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Rotational Grazing

People ask us, “what do you mean by rotational grazing?
Here it means . . .
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Piglets available [UPDATED]

There are two things you need to know about our piglets; and
there are several things you should know about our piglets.

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The Boar IS Wandering

The first thing anyone needs to know about Wandering Boar Farm is: what does a “wandering boar” look like?

This is a wandering boar that has broken out of his pen and sauntered over to the kitchen window following the smell of freshly cooked breakfast.

Not receiving immediate attention, he decides to take a nap until someone “notices” 750 lbs of registered Tamworth breeding stock snoring under the kitchen window. (We noticed!)

This is what a wandering boar looks like when he escapes and stops to scratch his ears in the fall remnants of a flower garden.

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