The Boar IS Wandering

The first thing anyone needs to know about Wandering Boar Farm is: what does a “wandering boar” look like?

This is a wandering boar that has broken out of his pen and sauntered over to the kitchen window following the smell of freshly cooked breakfast.

Not receiving immediate attention, he decides to take a nap until someone “notices” 750 lbs of registered Tamworth breeding stock snoring under the kitchen window. (We noticed!)

This is what a wandering boar looks like when he escapes and stops to scratch his ears in the fall remnants of a flower garden.

And finally, this is what a wandering boar looks like when he takes a sow and two piglets and goes for a run down the dirt road passing several neighbors of Wandering Boar Farm

About Wandering Boar

Wandering Boar is located in Middlesex, Vermont. We are continually recognized as "One of the smallest farms you can see from here." We raise pigs and sheep on pasture, and maintain an authentically weathered hen-house with a healthy flock of heritage breed layers with their own designated pasture.
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6 Responses to The Boar IS Wandering

  1. Hello, Gellert! So glad to see you doing so well. I knew you from the very day you were born.

    • And he was well-raised and arrived well-adjusted too!

      Not too many boars are safe to “wander” around someone’s house. If fact most people would, appropriately, find the prospect a bit terrifying.

      Although gardens, other pig fences or unlocked food experience extreme peril if Gellert ambles past, he is friendly to all and especially to anyone who will scratch his ears or offer him an apple.

  2. KarenD says:

    So great to see Gellert! (Hi, I’m one of Lisa’s friends.)

  3. Took my son and husband to Craftsbury C. today. I had not been to Sterling for 28 years and was amazed to find it almost exactly the same. Tried to track down Will….found his new home and lovely wife. Talked to Rob and he helped me track you down by giving me your new name.
    I’m thinking of going to the reunion on the 13th/14th. Give me a call or track me down on FB if you’d like to catch up. Ellen Ashely Gorman 508-284-8025
    Love your farm name and photos!

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