Piglets available [UPDATED]

There are two things you need to know about our piglets; and
there are several things you should know about our piglets.

1. Should know. They like to sleep

2. Should know. They are hand raised and socialized so they are good to raise in an environment where you might not have state-of-the art technology and a fully functional barn to keep them. Besides, they’ve never been indoors and they don’t want to either.

3. Need to know. They like attention, so please give it to them.

4.  Need to know. They are smart. Although they look innocent enough . . .if you let them out of your sight and out of their pen, they will eat every perennial bulb on your property.

5.  Should know. These piglets are weaned and ready to go.  By January/February they should be approaching 300 lbs.  If you buy one now, you should reserve a date to have them processed now too.

6.  [UPDATED] This year’s piglets have been sold.  Thank you everyone.

About Wandering Boar

Wandering Boar is located in Middlesex, Vermont. We are continually recognized as "One of the smallest farms you can see from here." We raise pigs and sheep on pasture, and maintain an authentically weathered hen-house with a healthy flock of heritage breed layers with their own designated pasture.
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