Rotational Grazing

People ask us, “what do you mean by rotational grazing?
Here it means . . .

using every bit of pasture at some point during the grazing season. From the front lawn and woods to the south . . .

. . . to the back woods & ending ending at the edge of a road to the north.

Our sheep rarely stay on the same area of pasture for more than a week. The pigs spend most of their time rooting in the woods and grazing on the edges of the pasture. The pasture’s edge is where our pigs are responsible for keeping brush, trees or other growth from encroaching on the field. They carry out their responsibilities enthusiastically.

About Wandering Boar

Wandering Boar is located in Middlesex, Vermont. We are continually recognized as "One of the smallest farms you can see from here." We raise pigs and sheep on pasture, and maintain an authentically weathered hen-house with a healthy flock of heritage breed layers with their own designated pasture.
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2 Responses to Rotational Grazing

  1. Nancy & Peter says:

    Good morning; Wondering if you have any piglets for sale? Thank you.

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