Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing you need to know about Wandering Boar Farm is this:  We haven’t had time to write a “FAQ” page.  We have a FAQ link because everyone else does.  Unlike everyone else, however, we don’t have time (yet) to write the FAQs & the Answers.

In the meantime, please email:
Call 234.1964

We are currently selling shares and 1/2 shares in both pigs and sheep.  If there is one thing you need to know about Wandering Board Farm, it is this: we treat our animals well. We give them plenty of pasture (and woods for the pigs) to graze, nest, breed and play. We never place them in stalls or a barn. They choose where to sleep and pick their own bedtime.

Boar, sow and a litter enjoy fall grazing before moving to a winter paddock in nearby woods.

More content is coming and you will probably find an answer to most of your questions just browsing this site.  Enjoy!

1 Response to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hello, Kevin. I learned of your through my son, Steve Maclin. Fascinated by what you are doing. Would like to know more. Waite Maclin

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